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We believe information is the key to change in North Korea


Flashdrives for Freedom was launched by Human Rights Foundation and the Silicon Valley-organization, Forum 280, and is an initiative that collects and supports the smuggling of USB flash drives into North Korea. The flash drives contain everything from Hollywood movies to South Korean soap operas to Wikipedias to interviews with North Korean defectors. By exposing the North Korean people to pop culture, news and facts, Kim Jung-un’s propaganda machinery can be broken.

Expose the Brutality - RIMJIN-GANG

The Japanese journalist, Jiru Ishimaru, started the magazine Rimjin-gang in 2007 with the purpose of bringing news in North Korea out to the rest of the world. Originally, Rimjin-gang is the name Korea’s seventh biggest river but in relation to the magazine, it’s suppose to symbolize the North Korean people’s thoughts to their fellow countrymen in South. Rimjin-gang is unique because of the fact that all articles comes from a underground network of reporters in North Korea, making it the first publication in the world where the reporting is done by the people of North Korea. The articles are documented with pictures, audio files and video recordings, which is transferred via phones and other means of communication to the magazine’s office in Osaka, Japan. As well as sending information out of North Korea, the reporters help distribute USB sticks and DVD’s with international news and TV-shows to the North Korean people.

North Korea

The last stalinist dictatorship on the planet

A change from the inside

Many people believe that the change in North Korea has to happen from the inside. The purpose of smuggling USB flash drives with pop culture, news and facts is to punctate the Kim dynasty’s propaganda and to make the North Korean people aware of the outside world. The more aware the people inside North Korea become of the world outside their hermetically sealed borders and their leader’s lies, the more likely an up-rise against the tyranny will begin. That’s why it’s essential that streams of information from the outside would find ways into North Korea, also named the ‘Hermit Kingdom’.

Even though we believe change in North Korea has to come from the outside, we also believe it’s important for the outside world to know what’s really going on in the most isolated country in world. Therefore, we also support Rimjin-gang’s underground reporters’ heroic effort of bringing truthful information and news to the outside thus the Kim-dynasties’ atrocities can be made clear for the international society.