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For every pair of sunglasses you buy, we donate financial support to organizations working actively to bring down the North Korean regime from the inside…

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North Korea

The last stalinist dictatorship on the planet

A change from the inside

Many people believe that the change in North Korea has to happen from the inside. The purpose of smuggling USB flash drives with pop culture, news and facts is to punctate the Kim dynasty’s propaganda and to make the North Korean people aware of the outside world. The more aware the people inside North Korea become of the world outside their hermetically sealed borders and their leader’s lies, the more likely an up-rise against the tyranny will begin. That’s why it’s essential that streams of information from the outside would find ways into North Korea, also named the ‘Hermit Kingdom’.

Even though we believe change in North Korea has to come from the outside, we also believe it’s important for the outside world to know what’s really going on in the most isolated country in world. Therefore, we also support Rimjin-gang’s underground reporters’ heroic effort of bringing truthful information and news to the outside thus the Kim-dynasties’ atrocities can be made clear for the international society.